Studying Birds To Make A Better Drone

Scientists at Stanford University have looked to the avian world to create robust flying robots that can withstand strong wind and turbulence. Engineering professor David Lentink of Stanford had a new state of the art wind tunnel devised to help design drones that can remain stable through more than a small breeze. To do this […]

drone flying over amazon

Drones Used To Survey The Amazon Jungle

With all the fear of Drones interfering with wildlife lately we thought it would be nice to do a story about how Drones are helping to learn more about and thus preserve wildlife. For the first time ever scientists have explored a remote part of the Peruvian Rain Forests. Using trap cameras and drones they […]

arkansas drone shot down

FAA Officially Confirms Shooting Down Drones Is Illegal

With the recent drone shooting in Norfork, Arkansas members of the drone community have been wondering if drones and other UAV’s are federally protected from criminal destruction. Since the FAA classifies drones as aircraft it would make sense that they would have the protection. To add to this the FAA holds their operation to many […]

drone racing league FAQ guide

Great Drone Racing FAQ From Tom’s Guide

Want to join the cool kids racing their drones? Here is what you need to know! With drone racing on the rise Tom’s Guide has done a great write up on everything a person needs to know to get started. This guide covers everything from who the organizers in various areas are, what kinds of […]


Now Drones Deliver Cookies Too!

Nothing soothes the home-sickness like a fresh package of cookies and that is exactly what the crew of the Maersk Edgar chemical tanker got. Life at sea can be very demanding. You spend weeks on the sea, eating the same thing every night and communication to the land can be expensive. Ocean shipping mogul Maersk […]

drones faa low flying

New FAA Rule Could Let Drones Fly Over Your head

A new proposed rule from the FAA could let drones fly over your head from as low as 20 feet. If the new rule passes it will allow drones to fly 20 feet above a persons head with a 10-foot buffer space on all sides. The buffer is mostly for safety when landing and taking […]

Malawi Unicef HIV Drone

Drones Are Helping Treat And Diagnose HIV In Malawi

Malawi’s government, in partnership with UNICEF, has started an experiment exploring ways to reduce the time it takes to test for HIV. This program comes in a time of great need, with an estimated 1.1 million people in Malawi infected with HIV these drones could help test thousands of children with HIV in a much […]

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