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Father and Son enjoy a DJI Phantom purchased from DS Drones


We at DS Drones Inc are a small group of drone enthusiasts that believe the customer deserves better than they have been getting. Amidst all of these amazing technology breakthroughs is a lot of bad experiences with these products. We at DS Drones want to change that and have designed our services to provide the best possible customer experience in purchasing a drone.

At DS Drones we have developed this process from the moment you start choosing which drone is best for you. This process continues right to the very end when, heaven forbid, you crash your drone or there is something wrong with it. We have gone through great lengths to make sure everything you need is right here, from insurance and warranty to custom cases and the units themselves.

We know that not everyone is a tech enthusiast and with them in mind we ensure that your order process will be quick, simple and will get you the parts you want. With the customers needs in mind we have many different packages to simplify the process for you when it comes to ease of use, quality of camera and which gimbal and camera will work with your unit.

DS Drones are a small team of people with a big dream and a lot of customer service experience. We welcome you to our site and hope that all of your dealings with us are pleasurable. If you are ever dissatisfied please do not hesitate to contact us. DS Drones customers are our success and we are here to take care of you!

This store is currently undergoing maintenance so no orders shall be fulfilled — We will be up and running soon so please bookmark us and check back shortly.